George Soros hacked

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“George Soros is a Hungarian-American business magnate, investor, philanthropist, political activist and author who is of Hungarian-Jewish ancestry and holds dual citizenship. He drives more than 50 global and regional programs and foundations. Soros is named as the architect and sponsor of almost every revolution and coup around the world for the last 25 years. Thanks to him and his puppets USA is thought to be a vampire, not a lighthouse of freedom and democracy. His slaves spill blood of millions and millions people just to make him even more rich. Soros is an oligarch sponsoring Democratic party, Hillary Clinton, hundreds of politicians all over the world. This website is designed to let everyone take a look at restricted documents of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation and related organisations. It represents workplans, strategies, priorities and other activities of Soros. These documents shed light on one of the most influential network operating worldwide.”

DCLeaks: Soros unleashed


Apple, Twitter, Google, Facebook, Instagram help Killary un-elect Trump


Liz Krokin at Observer Media, owned by Donald Trump’s Jewish son-in-law Jared Kushner, has written a good article about how not only regular media outlets like CNN, MSNBC and The New York Times have a war on Trump while rooting for Killary, but also documents how tech giants Apple and Google, as well as social media giants Facebook and Twitter, have joined the war on Trump in order to secure a victory for Killary in November.

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